Thank you to all those who have donated to our Food Bank during 2017. So far this year 34 food parcels have gone out to local people and families in desperate need. Please keep donating to the food bank – nothing is wasted and we have used all the donations which came into our food bank this year. UHT milk, toilet rolls, toiletries, tinned meat, soup, vegetables, potatoes and fruit are really useful as well as tea, coffee, cereals, pasta, pasta sauces and cleaning products. The people who receive food parcels are really grateful and often have hit rock bottom when they come to us. Many are working and struggling under a mountain of debt because their wages don’t cover the cost of living. There are also those who go from one temporary contract to another, and others who can’t work due to disability or illness. Offering food is a valuable opportunity to meet people in distress and often their first step towards accessing help.