I would to thank those who offer their congratulations to me on my invitation by the Bishop of Leeds to become an Honorary Canon of Wakefield Cathedral which is a recognition of service to the Diocese. I have had some questions as to why Wakefield Cathedral, not Bradford. This is a recognition that we are now in the Diocese of Leeds with three Cathedrals, Ripon, Wakefield and Bradford.  Bishop Nick is trying to break down the boundaries of the previous Dioceses and reinforcing the young Diocese of Leeds. I think it is a great opportunity to see another part of the Diocese which I am not so familiar with and to serve the Diocese in this way. The service is on Sunday 24th February at 3.30pm. I am aware that some people may want lifts to the Cathedral and some may be able to offer lifts or arrange to go by train. I have a put lists in all of the Churches for both those wanting lifts and those able to offer them. If you would prefer to go by train I understand that Sheila Matthews is aiming to do this and is happy for others to go with her. I hope we can arrange for as many people to go as possible, it will be great to see some familiar faces. After the service the Cathedral is putting on light refreshments.