We’re here to support you with your journey through Lent. Here are some of the options we are offering:

Morning Prayer – via zoom, a half an hour service from Monday to Thursday at 9.00am following the Church of England Morning Prayer.

Compline – every evening at 9.30pm we will be live streaming a service of Night Prayer onto Facebook.

Craft through Worship – We have created themed craft projects and reflections for Lent and Holy Week.  Completing pleasurable and creative projects can help focus the mind and give us space to reflect on the significance of Lent. Please contact ruthjyeoman@hotmail.com and we will include you on the email circulation list for these enjoyable resources. Here are some resources for you to download directly from the website:

Reflections Sheet – Click here
Craft Worksheet – Click here
Craft Worksheet 2
Reflection Sheet 2

Thought for the Week – every Wednesday morning we will post on the Facebook page a short thought for the week for your Lenten reflection.

Prayer requests – we are seeking to give people the opportunity to put in prayer requests which will be prayed either during the live streamed Compline service or during Morning Prayer.  Please contact either Ruth (01274 588322) or myself with the words of your request that you would be happy for us to use in these services. They can be for personal, national or international concerns.

#LiveLent – members of the parish will be using the Church of England resource which is available on the Church of England website #LiveLent.  If you would like to join us on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm we will be coming together via zoom to reflect on the resource for that week.  Please email Sandra sandrabenham@btinternet.com for a zoom link.

Let’s do Lent is a set of eight stories, thoughts, challenges and prayers for children’s journey through Lent. We will upload them every Sunday at 11am to our Youtube channel (search Parish of Baildon), and of course they will be available anytime afterwards. We begin on Sunday 21st February and end on Easter Day, 4th April. We will upload and extra session on 2nd April for Good Friday. The full ‘Let’s Do Lent’ booklet can be collected free outside St John’s church but we will upload the pages, week-by-week, here:

Lent Booklet for children – Week 1
Lent Booklet for children – Week 2
Lent Booklet for children – Week 3
Lent Booklet for children – Week 4
Lent Booklet for children – Week 5
Lent Booklet for children – Week 6