Dear all

I hope once again that you are keeping safe and well. In the lines of a very old song ‘Times they are a-changing!’ For the past few months we have all been in total lockdown, all knowing what we need to do and, mostly, abiding by the guidelines. Now however, ‘times are a-changing’ and much more of the responsibility is being placed on us to know what feels safe for us as we begin to venture out. This can be quite an anxious time for some and I believe that we must all take this at our pace and not feel pushed into doing something or going somewhere we do not feel comfortable or safe.

You will be aware from the Government of two new announcements regarding churches. Firstly that, as from tomorrow, we are allowed to open for individual private prayer and secondly from Monday we are allowed to open for funerals. We were fortunate that on Monday 8th June we had a PCC meeting. At that meeting Council gave a hesitant agreement to look at what we need to do for us to consider opening St John’s. A lot of work needs to be done and at the centre of our thinking, planning and praying is to keep the community of Baildon safe.

One of the questions in this planning is whether we could have enough volunteers to staff an opening. We would need at least two people on at all times who will be trained and Ruth or myself will always be on call. Appropriate PPE will be provided. At the moment we are only considering opening one day a week from 10.00am – 2.00pm to determine the need and volunteers would only work for 2 hours.

I am now asking if you would consider volunteering if, after careful consideration and with all the planning in place, we decide to open St John’s. When considering this request your personal situation must come before anything else. If you are vulnerable or in an age bracket that until now has been self-isolation I completely understand that you may not feel able to volunteer even if in your heart of hearts you would love to.

In order that we consider this in a timely manner I would be grateful for your responses to me by 5.00pm Wednesday 17th June.

There will be a notice on our website and Facebook regarding the up to date situation on opening and if people ask you then please do point them to this.

Keep safe and God bless


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