Although our churches are presently closed for public worship, we can arrange for individuals to say their prayers in church. We realise that there are times when people need the church setting to talk to God and we want to offer this whenever possible. If you find that you need some time in church, please […]

We’re here to support you with your journey through Lent. Here are some of the options we are offering: Morning Prayer – via zoom, a half an hour service from Monday to Thursday at 9.00am following the Church of England Morning Prayer. Compline – every evening at 9.30pm we will be live streaming a service […]

At present we are holding Sunday Service online to fit with the government directive to Stay Home and Stay Safe. A member of our clergy will hold a Communion Service at St John’s Church at 10am every Sunday. You can watch via our Facebook page or catch up later on our Youtube channel. You can […]

You can now make your donation to the work of the parish by text! Our Donr system is up and running: To donate £20 text BAILDONPARISH 20 to 70085 To donate £15 text BAILDONPARISH 15 to 70085 To donate £10 text BAILDONPARISH 10 to 70085 To donate £5 text BAILDONPARISH 5 to 70085 You can […]

Homeless people won’t be celebrating Christmas in a family bubble, but charities like Crisis and Shelter will be providing essential food and warmth, plus support and counselling, to help them start turning their life around. This year funds for all charities have been seriously affected by the pandemic so between now and the end of January […]