Welcome to the Parish of Baildon

Welcome to the Church of England in Baildon. We have three churches, St John’s Parish Church, St James’ Church and St Hugh’s. Our Churches are a witness to God’s love in this community as we meet together for prayer and worship every Sunday and serve this community in all sorts of ways. You will find a warm welcome at any of our churches and we are always here for you.

Christenings and Weddings

If you would like to arrange a Christening or Wedding, come along to our weekly Vestry Hour on Tuesdays from 6.00pm to 7.00pm at St John’s Church Hall on Hallcliffe, Baildon. You don’t need an appointment and a member of the clergy will be there to advise and help you book your special occasion. You can also arrange the reading of your banns at this session if you live in the parish and are getting married elsewhere.

St John’s is situated in the heart of Baildon centre. We welcome you to join us at any of our church services, social groups and regular fund raising events. ‘more

St James’ known locally as ‘the little white church’ for its picturesque chocolate-box appeal is popular for Weddings and Christenings. Situated in the Charlestown area of Baildon ‘more

St Hugh’s church and Community Centre serves the lower Baildon community. Offering church services, social groups, food bank, community involvement and children’s services. ‘more

November 2019

  • Baptism Preparation Session
  • Holy Communion (BCP) - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St Hugh's
  • Family Worship - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St James'
  • Celtic Communion
  • Church in the World Committee
  • The Eucharist (CW) - St Hugh's
  • Parish Prayer Group meeting
  • Vestry Hour
  • The Eucharist (BCP) - St James'
  • Julian Meeting
  • St Hugh's Opening Event
  • Holy Communion (BCP) - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St Hugh's
  • Holy Communion - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St James'
  • Mission and Ministry Committee Meeting
  • The Eucharist (CW) - St Hugh's
  • Luncheon Club
  • Rainbows
  • Vestry Hour
  • The Eucharist (BCP) - St James'
  • St Hugh's Management Committee Meeting
  • Wedding
  • Holy Communion (BCP) - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St Hugh's
  • Holy Communion - St John's
  • Morning Worship - St James'
  • Finance and Buildings Committee Meeting
  • The Eucharist (CW) - St Hugh's
  • Reminiscence Group
  • Rainbows
  • Vestry Hour
  • The Eucharist (BCP) - St James'
  • Holy Communion (BCP) - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St Hugh's
  • Holy Communion - St John's
  • Holy Communion - St James'
  • Advent Carol Service
  • Social and Fundraising Committee meeting
  • The Eucharist (CW) - St Hugh's
  • Luncheon Club
  • Rainbows
  • Vestry Hour
  • The Eucharist (BCP) - St James'
  • Christmas Market

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1 month ago

CHILDREN’S WREATH WORKSHOP - We are holding a free workshop for children of school age (with accompanying adult) at St John’s Church Hall on Saturday 16th November from 10am to 12.30pm. To book a place please contact Sarah Standley: sarahlstandley@hotmail.com. Blank wreaths and decorations will be provided or your child/grandchild can bring their own. Includes a drink and snack.

1 month ago

ADULT WREATH WORKSHOP - This year we will be holding two free workshops for making and repairing wreaths for the 2019 Wreath Festival: Monday 11th November from 7pm to 9.30pm at St James’ Church and Wednesday 13th November from 10am to 2pm in St John’s Church hall upper room. Blank wreaths and decorations will be provided but if you have anything you would like to use, please bring it along with any tools you might need (glue guns, wire cutters etc will be available). The wreaths will be displayed in church over the Festival weekend (30th November/1st December) and many of them will be on sale to raise funds. Experienced wreath makers and beginners are welcome to both drop-in sessions. Help will be on hand if you need it. If possible, please let Madeleine Sheen know if you intend to come: madeleinesheen@gmail.com.

1 month ago

TRAIDCRAFT - We are taking orders for Traidcraft Christmas Cards. They will be available to view this week and next week at all three churches and order forms will be available. Christmas card sales are a big fundraiser for our charitable giving and we gave £550 last year to Traidcraft Exchange, Christian Aid and Save the Children so please try to buy at least one pack from us. Thank you.

1 month ago

COFFEE MORNING – Join us for a coffee morning at St James’ Church on Saturday 19th October, 10am to 11.30am to raise money for The Shell Fund.

1 month ago

NAME BADGE SUNDAY - This Sunday, you are invited to wear a name badge during the service at each church. As worshipping communities we do this from time to time, as an opportunity to exchange a few words with someone we don’t know or to be reminded of someone’s name, if we have forgotten it.

1 month ago

8.30am Holy Communion at St John’s Church
9.00am Holy Communion at St Hugh’s Church
10.00am Holy Communion at St John’s Church
10.30am Holy Communion at St James’ Church
6.00pm Compline Service at St James’ Church

1 month ago

Pick up your new 2020 Parish diary from the back of church this Sunday!

2 months ago

REMINISCENCE – We are often amazed at the distant memories we uncover at our reminiscence meetings at St Hugh’s on the third Tuesday of every month. Our sessions are part history, part Memory Lane and include an interactive talk, quizzes, singing and sensory experience (admittedly nearly always food!) centred around a theme. This month we will be looking at The Home Garden, your memories of playing there, growing food and herbs perhaps, maybe your dad’s greenhouse? Why not come along and see what memories we can excavate for you on Tuesday 17th September from 2pm to 4pm at The St Hugh’s Centre. The session costs £2 and everyone is welcome!

2 months ago

FAMILY WORSHIP - SUNDAY 6TH OCTOBER 2019 – Our next Family Worship at St John’s will be our Harvest Festival. As usual after this service there will be a bring and share lunch for all to enjoy

2 months ago

MESSY CHURCH - SUNDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2019 - The theme for our next Messy Church which is at 4.00pm in St John’s Church Hall will be Harvest. We will be making bunting to display at our Family Worship in October. All welcome

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Weekly Worship
8:30am – Said Eucharist – St John’s
9:00am – Sung Eucharist – St Hugh’s
10:00am – Sung Eucharist – St John’s
10:30am – Sung Eucharist – St James’
St John’s 10.00am Sunday worship follows this pattern:
1st Sunday in the month – Family Worship (non-Eucharistic). ¾ of a hour of child-friendly worship including song, activities and prayers.
2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays – Sung Eucharist
5th Sunday – Joint Worship. The whole Parish worships together at either St John’s, St James’ or St Hugh’s on a rotational basis.
4:00pm – 3rd Sunday of the month at St John’s Church Hall: Messy Church – child-focussed activities including crafts, songs, lots of sticking and gluing, learning about a particular story in the Bible and all finished with a light tea. Children of all ages are very welcome.
9:30am – Said Eucharist – St Hugh’s
10:00am – Said Eucharist – St James’

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Rev Sandra Benham, Vicar of Baildon
Sandra’s role is to lead, with others both lay and ordained, the community of faith in Baildon and to be public face of the Church. This includes leading worship in our three Churches, being a presence in the wider community through work with schools, community organisations and other institutions as well as having a civic responsibility in the town.

Rev Sandra Benham
Rev Sandra BenhamVicar of Baildon

John’s role is to offer support to the Vicar and the other clergy, to protect the fabric and inventory of the three Churches and to be welcoming to all who wish to worship in the parish.

John Guest
John GuestChurchwarden of The Parish of Baildon

Sarah offers administrative support to our churches and runs the parish office. She also works as our Parish Community Development Worker which involves setting up groups, bringing in community support and funding to benefit the wider Baildon community.

Sarah Baxter
Sarah BaxterParish Administrator and Community Development Worker

Rev Ruth Yeoman, Associate Priest, working half-time

‘Ruth works as a member of the ministry team across the whole parish. She engages particularly with children and young families, including ministry to local schools, and will be exploring new informal and creative styles of worship.’

Rev Ruth Yeoman
Rev Ruth YeomanAssociate Priest

Sheila’s role is to represent parishioners and support the Vicar and other clergy in the running of the parish. She looks after the churches and everything in them.

Sheila Matthews
Sheila MatthewsChurchwarden of The Parish of Baildon